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  • What is it?
    AnyClient Web is a zero-installation web based file transfer client that is easy-to-use and supports all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • What file transfer protocols does it support?
    AnyClient Web supports all major file transfer protocols including Amazon S3, FTP/S, SFTP, WebDAV and AFTP.
  • Why was it developed?
    Users need to be able to transfer files without having to locate, purchase, install and learn complicated file transfer software. AnyClient solves this problem by offering an intuitive web based file transfer client that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Best of all it's completely free.
  • Is it secure?
    AnyClient Web stores your site information using government grade AES-256 encryption whose secret key can be unlocked only with your password. This secret key is further protected during your session using strong SSL encryption. AnyClient Web also supports several encrypted file transfer protocols that encrypt both your credentials and data as they are sent over the network.
  • Who uses it?
    AnyClient Web users are looking for a no-hassle method of transferring files. It is especially popular with users connecting from shared environments where the installation of software is prohibited (e.g. internet cafes and computer labs). AnyClient Web is also used by businesses seeking to reduce their software licensing and support costs.
  • Who developed it?
    AnyClient Web is brought to you courtesy of JSCAPE, a leading provider of managed file transfer software and networking solutions to businesses and government agencies worldwide.